Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kimberly's 8th Grade Graduation Speech

I thought I'd post Kimbo's speech she will be giving tomorrow -

Nine years ago, two hundred and 20 or so, timid, nervous, kindergartners started school. New to the world of fluorescent lights, and PA systems, they formed bonds with each other, that only young, nonjudgmental children can make. Today, most of those bonds hold strong. Those timid, nervous kindergartners have grown and progressed. They have taken a step up in society. All that they have learned within the walls of Cimarron can still be heard. Heard within the kind and gentle words between friends. Heard within the strong and persuasive way we argue our opinions. Heard within the applause that arises as we cross this stage.
Every one of these students has learned something from one another. Whether it is how to dribble, or the capitol of Louisiana. We each have been imprinted with some image of knowledge from the friendships that we have formed during our 8 to 2:30 shifts. But most importantly, we have all learned something from ourselves: pride and respect. We have striven to be all we can be. To live up to our hopes, and our dreams. We have reached for every goal, everything from being a StuCo Rep, to simply getting up on time. And we are proud. Proud of whom we are as people, and proud of whom each other has become.
You, parents, teachers, grandparents, uncles and aunts, all of you, who see these wonderful kids reaching their potential, surpassing your every expectation, you are the ones who have nurtured us, and taught us how to respect each other, and respect ourselves. You are the ones who taught us to take our first steps toward our future, guided us onto the road of success, so that we may leap into the pool of contentment as adults. And it is our families, our close friends, and our teachers that we will remember later on, that we will recognize as those who supported us through all of our hard times, and cheered for us through our joyous ones. And we thank you, wholeheartedly for loving and caring for us.
Today, we leave this school. This school, that when we first arrived was so intimidating and huge. This school, that has been our home for the past three years. We have taken so much from this school. Knowledge, experience, memories. But today, we leave a legacy. We leave our footprints in the very floors here at Cimarron. You cannot see them, but as future generations pass through these halls, they will feel them. They will walk in our paths. Maybe some of our own children will too. And we will talk of the ‘Old Gym’, and the ‘M Hall’. Places that we know so well, that one-day, may not even exist anymore. Our learned traditions may be long gone by that time. But we will never forget.
And the experience we have gotten here will be put to good use as we enter into high school, one of the last few stones to hop before we truly begin, and can show off our magnificent skills and attributes to the world. Just like when we started our Middle School days, our first few High School days will be tough, and scary. However, our special bonds with one another will provide solid grounds on which to make new friends.
So today, after we walk across this stage, and drive off with our families, we do so as ninth graders. It may not seem as big as we used to imagine, but as we go our separate ways through the halls of high school, always keep this in mind: Whether you go off now to be Bulldogs, Wolves, or Huskies, deep down in your heart, you will always be a Cimarron Panther.


evawebdiva said...
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evawebdiva said...

Oh my gosh Brian...that was so great! I am so impressed with Kimberly's writing skills...she is an excellent writer. You must be very proud of her. Tell her from one writer to another, "Good job!"

bubba said...

Thanks, Eva. I wish she enjoyed writing.