Wednesday, January 21, 2009

That Cern thing explained

I got this from my brother who teaches high-energy physics at Vanderbilt.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I love taskkill!

For years now I have been fighting virus scan and other programs.

My employer forces our machines to run certain tasks and they really slow everything down.

My solution to this point has been to run Task Manager and kill these processes. They seem to start up again intermittently during the day so I have to keep going back to Task Manager whenever my machine seems to be running slow.

A friend at work told me about "taskkill". It does the same thing I've been doing manually. He created a .bat file and put in a few taskkill commands to kill the unwanted tasks. Now we just run the .bat file and the evil, harddrive sucking programs die.

taskkill /f /im vulscan.exe

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Project Euler - programming riddles - Level 1

Yahoo!!! I am now at level 1 on Project Euler!!!

300 baud acoustic coupler

I finally brought my old modem from home to show and tell here at work.

I think it's 300 baud and has a switch on the back to go between full and half duplex.

Remember when ear pieces on phones were round?

I used this at my first DP job to get orders from Wal-mart and Kmart. (This isn't the modem I talked about in the previous blog)

Ex boxers becoming makeup artists for crime survivor ads

I saw a billboard for the Oklahoma Crime Victim Services yesterday and was wondering what that photo shoot was like.

"Bruno here is an ex-feather weight champion from Tulsa, he'll be your makeup artist today, Miss Whatever. He'll be using Speed Boxing gloves today".

Bruno throws a few punches at Miss Whatever, bam bam bam - a few pictures are taken and the director says "I think we need a little touch up on her right eye" bam bam bam again.... maybe he pulls out a knife and make a few cuts...

later, Miss Whatever says, "I hate these shoots! Now I can't work for 3 weeks"

It sounded funny in my head.