Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our Redneck Ball Pit

Since I took Spring Break off, I thought I'd do a little yard work. So I filled up our 2 trash 'cans' with leaves and still had a crap load of leaves left. Instead of filling up a trash can every week for weeks on end, I thought I'd compost the leaves.

I took 25 foot of 4 foot high fence and made a circle, about 8 feet across and started filling it up. It took about 8 hours over 3 days to fill it up. I got most of the easy leaves raked but there are still a lot of leaves embedded in clover. Maybe when I mow, I'll catch the grass (mostly clover) and dump it in the new ball pit.

I call this our Redneck Ball Pit but I could probably call it a Hippy Ball Pit (right J-mac?)

Here are a couple of pictures of Kimberly and the pit:

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Chiot's Run said...

That is quite a leaf pile, I mean compost pile! Our dog would love playing in it!