Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Moore-Norman Technology Advisory Council Meeting Fall 2008

I was the only non-teacher/school admin person to show up for this AC. I really need to get some other people to show up next time.

I left 45 minutes before the meeting. The traffic was really bad. It took me 55 minutes to get down there.

Dinner was great - sandwiches, potato salad, soda, etc.

The meeting was in the classroom. Frederick talked about what he teaches the students and asked for input on new languages to expose them too. I think the only language I mentioned was Ruby/Rails. Should have mentioned Scala. Frederick didn't seem to know how the newer dynamically typed languages were taking off.

I also mentioned writing tests. The students really need to start off writing tests for their code. Even pair programming and doing TDD.

I volunteered to speak to the students about what it's like be a programmer, and whatever else we come up with. I'll probably talk about the importance of tests and what it's like to work at a big corporation as a programmer.

The swag was a tablet, pen, and a 4 port usb hub. Pretty nice.

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