Thursday, September 11, 2008

Large Hadron Collider Funnies

I've been sent, and found, several funnies dealing with LHC so I thought I'd post them:

Since the LHC runs from Switzerland, into France, and back again, do you have present your passport when enter France and then when you re-enter Switzerland, when you travel the length of the tunnel?
(this site has some really awesome stuff (be sure to view the source on this)

music video about the LHC:

from my brother, Paul:
An old friend of mine from my graduate school days is quoted in the press release from CERN regarding last nights activities. I think he captures the gravity of what many of us are feeling as we anticipate what might lie ahead... a journey inward, but just as far and just as fantastic as that day in 1969... we hope!

“As some might say: ‘One short trip for a proton, but one giant leap for mankind!’” said Nigel S. Lockyer, Director of Canada’s TRIUMF laboratory.

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