Sunday, May 18, 2008

Susan's Graduation

Susan is now a high school graduate! There were about 19 of us there for the ceremony.

I was pretty stressed about getting downtown and parked and then from the parking garage to 235 afterwards. Turns out, that part was the easiest.

I guess I was responsible for finding out where to go once we got into the Cox Center. I had only been there to go to a home and garden show. We finally made it to some decent seats after 2 or 3 wrong turns.

Afterward we all made it to El Parian in Edmond and had a great dinner. Except for Yana - I guess she shouldn't have had the guacamole. After a little coaxing from Laura, Susan stood up and thanked everyone for showing up. She did a pretty good job, I guess all those presentations at school paid off.

Susan managed to get $240 and some other great stuff.

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