Thursday, May 8, 2008

EPS Indian Education Program Awards Banquet

We all attended the Edmond Public Schools Indian Education Program Awards Banquet this evening.

The evening started with a slide show of the activities the group was involved in over the last year. There were pictures of the the kids at the 6th Annual Oklahoma Native American
Youth Language Fair
where several kids won or placed in the different competitions. There some pictures of the Hand Game event we attended last month. Mrs. Yellowfish even said, 'here's a good picture of the Sheldon family'. My favorite picture was of Susan receiving the $100 savings account at the American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Oklahoma. Or maybe it was Kimberly guessing during the Hand Game.

We then had a great catered dinner of turkey, ham, and BBQ brisket.

Then the awards started. Susan was the first. She got a certificate, $10 gift certificate to a local book store, and Pendleton Laptop Backpack! The backpack is awesome! There must have been 30 kids that received certificates and gift certificates - Kimberly included.

Then Mrs. Yellowfish gave out presents and thanks to all the teachers that have helped with the programs tutoring program. The average NDN student in Edmond ranks in the 90th percentile at their ?school?grade? which sounds really great to me.

The Superintendent of Edmond Public Schools jumped in and thanked Mrs Yellowfish, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. ??? for all their hard work and asked for a big round of applause. I was surprised that he showed up. Very nice.

Finally, Mrs. Yellowfish told anyone who has a birthday in May to come up and pick a door prize, then June, then anyone who wears glasses, then everyone else. She has way too much swag!

Funny story - I wish I could remember Mrs. ???'s name - I mentioned her earlier. Anyway, after I ate dinner, I went back into the room where the food was to refill my drink and Mrs. ??? and Mrs. Smith were the only ones in there.
I said, "thanks for doing all this for us, I really appreciate it".
Mrs. ??? said, 'You're not leaving are you?"
"No", I said.
"Good, because we might ask for our food back if you are".
She sounds like a good person to get to know!

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