Friday, August 21, 2009

USB Thumb Drive not Working

Laura got me a 16g thumb drive for our anniversary. It's big enough to hold a lot of music.

Now I use MedaiMonkey to listen to music that is stored on the thumb drive. (imho, mm is much better than MS Media Player)

Anyway, once in a while, I can't get the darn thing (usb drive) to work. Windows won't connect to it properly. I think I figured out a way to get it working in Windows XP. (I know "well there's your problem")

I go to the "Safely Remove Hardware" window. By clicking the "Display device components" I can see a yellow circle with an ! in it...

I click on the USB Device and click on "Properties":

And the I change the "Device Usage" to "Do not use this device(disable)" and click on OK

Then I click on "Properties" again and switch the "Device Usage" back to "enabled" and viola! It starts working.


drodmaster said...

Do you release the thumb drive before you unplug it? If you don't that may be your problem. In the task bar at the bottom right of the screen there should be an icon (looks like a drive with a big green arrow pointing left and when you hover over it it says "Safely Remove Hardware). Click on it and then select the option to "Safely remove USB Mass Storage Device". When you see the "Safe To Remove Hardware" message pop up you can remove the drive.

bubba said...

Yes I had tried that several times...switching usb ports too. nothing was working.

Now I'm having trouble getting my phone to connect via usb too. finally got the bluetooth to work.