Thursday, November 20, 2008

My 2.5 hour trip home

What an afternoon I had yesterday. My motorcycle wouldn't start when I left work.

They have a jump start pack thing here at work (I've used it a few times before) so I went to security and borrowed it.

The bike started right up and I returned the jump starter pack.

The battery was so dead that the bike didn't want to remain started unless I kept the rpm's up around 4k. I made it about a half mile away before it died. It's a little tricky keeping the rpm's up and breaking and signaling for a turn.

So I called McCarn and he brought me the jump start pack and I made it about 3 miles. I called McCarn again and then I made about 10 or 11 miles!

It died in stop and go traffic on Broadway Extension.

By this time Laura was home so she came and gave me jump. I made it another 2 miles to Bryant and Memorial before it died at a stop light.

After restarting the bike, I made it all the way home!

What a pain in the arse. I'm going to get a ramp today, so that we can load the bike into the truck easier.

So there is a problem between the stator and the battery. I guess I'll make sure all the connections are good. Maybe I'll get lucky and something will be lose.

If something isn't lose, I'm not sure if I'll try to fix it myself or let someone else do it. Looks like you have to practically remove the engine to replace the stator.

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Jason said...

Just what McCarn needs... another excuse to not work.