Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Oklahoma Tag

Interesting newspaper articles about the new OK tag which will be available early in 2009.

from the Tulsa World article: "State and local law enforcement officials have said the new plates are needed because the condition of many Oklahoma tags, some decades old, is a public safety concern. "

The Daily Oklahoman, as usual, reminds me of Fox News (heavy spin on non-separation of church and state very right-wing).... The Tulsa World did a much better job - imho.

daily ok -

tulsa world -

Some of the comments after the articles are great -

from the Tulsa World....
Ignatz, Broken Bow (8/2/2008 6:25:28 PM)
Can't believe Repubs didn't want an oil derrick and the baby Jesus.

ThunderPigeon, (8/3/2008 12:32:42 AM)
That would be a shade better than who the Dems would choose: Josef Stalin or Fidel Castro. (Maybe Hitler too, his government was very socialist)

I kind of agree with some comments by KinghtOfSwords- why an Apache and not something from the Kiowa, Caddo, Witchita, or Osage tribes? fyi - There are no reservations in Oklahoma, right?

But I like the tag anyway, and I'll probably get one.

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