Thursday, June 19, 2008

Better Gmail 2 add-on for Firefox

I installed the "Better Gmail 2" add-on to Firefox 3 and it appears to have fixed one of my only complaints about gmail - no subfolders.

Here's a partial list of what comes with this add-on:
  • Add Row Highlights - eh, kinda cool
  • Attachment Icons - pretty neat - displays icons for attachments in preview

  • Folders4Gmail - this is the reason I got this add-on. works pretty nice. You just rename your folders like 'jug/jug sponsor' and 'jug sponsor' is a child of 'jug'. When you put labels on stuff it shows the 'jug/jug sponsor'. Kinda cheesy.

  • Force Encrypted Connection (https) - eh

  • Google Reader Integration - I haven't played with this yet

  • Macros (? for help) - doesn't seem to work, I probably have to turn it on or do it right

  • Show Message Details - ditto
overall it seems pretty nice.

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