Thursday, April 3, 2008

My trip from Yahoo Email to Google Email - part 1

I've been wanting to move to gmail for a while. Especially since MS decided to try and buy Yahoo. I hope it doesn't happen but I would like to get my email moved just in case.

Les found this blog entry that seems to describe exactly what I want to do

It talks about installing an email server on your pc to pull all the emails from Yahoo but you have to put them into a local email app, like Thunderbird

I've been able to move about 20 emails. So now I'll just have to spend some time moving the rest.

(see the 2nd part here)


Les said...

definitely keep us informed on this, I'd like to know how successful it really is. Now you'll just have to wait for Gmail to implement a sub-label function like your subfolders.

bubba said...

I ran into some sort of problem this weekend. I couldn't download anything to Thunderbird. But it somehow started working again Sunday. I was able to get another couple of hundred emails moved to gmail.