Friday, March 28, 2008

Trip to Lawrence

What a fun 5 hour drive it was to Lawrence Kansas! Nothing exciting, just a 5 hour drive. The Kansas turnpike got at least one thing right, the gas/food stops are in between the north and south bound lanes. Their turnpike radio station was helpful, it said the low temps would be around 45. At that point, Susan and I looked at each other and realized we didn't bring any kind of jacket or warm shirts. I spent a couple of hours Wednesday night finding Wal-mart and buying a couple of sweat shirts. They worked well on our tour of the campus.

Lawrence does have hills. One I drove on was very steep (made my ears pop). I had assumed the city was pretty flat.

There are tons of stores and restaurants.

My favorite bar I saw was the Phoggy Dogg. My favorite restaurant was Carlos O'Kelly's Mexican Restaurant. I've gotta get shirt from Carlos's when I go back in May for Susan's pre-enrollment.

Haskell seems like a great little university. It seemed like a small town, you get to know everyone. They also have several clubs/groups the kids can join. The first year, the counselors keep a pretty close eye on them and try to keep them on campus. We ate lunch at the cafeteria and it was pretty good. It was amazing to see all the license plates in the parking lot - California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Arizona, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and a few from Kansas.

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